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The Unravel Method

Recognise: How your body, mind and soul feel in the moment and what is there to be Unravelled. 

Release: Through a range of modalities linked to body, mind and soul,  I guide you to release the stories, attachments, physical tension, trauma and support your mindset to release what is no longer serving you

Relearn: Using coaching, meditation, somatic movement, trauma aware emotional release and healing modalities and much more,  I provide you with a range of tools to support you in your healing and easing into an Unravelled life 

Reflect: Constantly referring to a range of reflective tools to help you feel and integrate what you need to Unravel over and over again

Unravel Meditative Movement Workshops 

I guide you to Unravel your mind, body and soul through her bespoke program "Unravel Meditative Movement". I have crafted this signature process after years of deep self inquiry, study and my own healing and Unravelling. 

The invitation is to dive deep into self-enquiry, to recognise, release, relearn and reflect through the healing and self awareness modalities of meditation, somatic movement, dance, and sound, but most of all, to have fun, let go and connect with others.

Imagine a space where you are guided to connect to your body and recognise the emotions and tensions within you that are no longer serving you.

You then explore ways to release these through somatic movement, meditation, dance, yoga & breath all while feeling the perfect balance of held and free

Re-learning ways in which you can process and clear big, sticky emotions & make space for the healing and magic to take the life that you would love.

We then slow things down and invite you to rest, reflecting on the experience through a guided meditation and gentle reflection designed to help you ground and take action on all that you desire. 

Connect with us and community; as we dive deep for 2 hours, finding balance within all aspects of self – mind, body and Soul

See booking details for location each month


"It is in the thousands of days trying, failing, sitting, thinking, resisting, dreaming, raveling, unraveling that we are at our most engaged alert, and alive."

-Dani Shapiro

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