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The Unravel Academy Educators Course is an interactive course designed to introduce you to The Unravel Academy method.


I will teach you how you can embed the Unravel Pillars for yourself and the children in your classroom.


It is an opportunity to connect with like minded educators from around the world who are hoping to make a significant and meaningful impact in holistic education.


Let me show you how... 

"Teachers are a true gift; and as many of us know, the rate of teacher burnout is at an all time high.


The level of commitment teachers show to their school, the students and their parents is immeasurable.


What this course will offer are strategies to help you refill your cup and to show up as the best teacher you can be through unravelling and embedding this into your daily life and imparting this wisdom to the students in your class.


It’s what I like to call the ripple great is that!"


Over the course of 6 weeks, you will join me in learning the powerful Unravel Academy method that will help you:

  • Unravel the wellbeing and social and emotional learning for yourself first to then show up fully for your students and their families  

  • Learn to build a healthy and easy to follow process for social and emotional learning

  • Understand the fundamentals of wellbeing for you and your students and how to integrate these into the current curriculum

  • Walk away with a toolbox of strategies to help you commit to unravelling you and your students 

  • Connect with other educators  around the world on the same journey; you are not alone.

Session 1 - Creating Community and Connection: 

Our initial session to connect and meet the other individuals and families who you will unravel with over the next few weeks. We unpack any housekeeping or general questions to ensure you are prepared for the unravel journey that is to follow.


Session 2 - Recognise:

In this session we explore the ways in which we can express. Young or old, we all experience a wide range of emotions and I will teach you specific tools to help expand the ways we can express them. We also explore the ways in which you can become an emotional inquirer, recognising and taking action to help your students  and embed this process in your classroom. 


Session 3 - Release:

In this session we look at how to embody and release the emotions that have come to the surface using a range of methods. Over the years my students I have worked with have found phenomenal results using these tools I have taught them. This inquiry is where we can begin to recognize the patterns and clues to look for in yourself and your students to support the releasing of emotions. We look at the power around story and how we can move from victim to creator around the expression of our emotions. 


Session 4 - Relearn:

In this session we unpack the language you and your students can use to create an easy to follow model that you can then put into action. In this session you will learn to create your “emotions toolboxes”. This is a range of tools and techniques that I have collated and shared in my many years in education and in the space of my own wellbeing. It is not an add on and can be embedded into other areas of your school's curriculum with ease.


Session 5 - Reflect:

In this session we explore the fundamental step in any new learning model; the art of feedback. This supports self, peer and mentor feedback and how to deliver them. It is here that I share techniques to help you and your students reflect on what's working well. You will then take the next steps that need to be actioned to embed this new learning.  


Session 6 - Celebration and Commitment:

In our final session, we will collectively reflect the new learnings, moments of challenges and then help to set intentions to take your Unravel journey to a new level.  From here we look at future possibilities for ongoing Unravelling guidance.



All this for the Introductory Price of: $199 per person (AUD) 


Personalised Groups: 

If you would prefer to come together as an existing group , I can provide a bespoke teacher courses for your own community. This could be a team of teachers from your school or a collection or a collection of like minded educators in your community. There are no rules, just ask and we can tailor a package to suit you.

Price on application.


Special Offers


Discounted rate for 1 to 1 coaching and guidance:  

I will offer a 10% discount on 3, 5 or 7 block bookings for anyone who has completed the Online Teachers Course 

Referral Discount:

For each friend you refer for future online courses or for one to one coaching and guidance with me, you will receive a free one to one session to explore future unravel possibilities and your next steps.
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