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That inner nudge that has been quietly urging you to seek a little more connection has led you here and boy am I happy to have you! I see you, I feel you and I am here to guide you back to yourself in a light, loving and authentic way. 


My vision and intention is for this to be a safe haven for those who are unsure where to begin with this process of their own unravelling. 

Life is a journey of discovering who we are. Sometimes we feel lost and unsure after big changes we face in our lives.

This is when guidance is incredibly helpful to helping you return to yourself.


Whether you have been through;

  • a deep change in your romantic relationship

  • felt friendships shift and change

  • feel unsure about your career

  • struggle with confidence and self esteem

  • have lost yourself in the chaos of life

  • feel lonely and crave connection with a community... have found the right place. I am here to guide and share with you my own journey and would be honoured to help you on yours.

I've been through my own deep journey of unravelling. I know what you're going through. I would love to support you.


Read more about my journey here.


I offer private 1:1 sessions to help you navigate your challenges. I’d love to hear from you.


"It is in the thousands of days trying, failing, sitting, thinking, resisting, dreaming, raveling, unraveling that we are at our most engaged alert, and alive."

-Dani Shapiro

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