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My passion is to transform the way we deliver learning and engage wellbeing.

I know. It's big & it's bold. 

I believe we aren't given a dream unless we can make it come to life.

But I need people who are willing to dream big with me.


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I feel the modern education system around the globe is not allowing the space and attention that social and emotional learning and wellbeing deserve. In order for any human to thrive, they need to feel whole, complete and understood, first by themselves and then by others.


Currently there is too much emphasis placed on academic structure. There is little focus on the social and emotional learning of students, staff and families within a school. This gap is failing the system. Numerous research shows that without supporting emotional wellbeing students are more likely to struggle in school and beyond. 


My I goal is to support educators to unravel their emotions and become emotional inquirers so that they can then empower and support their students to do the same. 

I want to share how you can embed The Unravel Academy process into the scope and sequence of your school without crowding  the current curriculum. It will lead to an overall wellbeing for your school community and have a positive impact on students willingness to learn and teacher passion. 


With over 10 years experience in education and positions of curriculum development and wellbeing around the world, I see myself as the bridge between these realms.


 In schools , there seems to be a divide between traditional curriculum and the social and emotional learning and wellbeing. 


What I offer is an opportunity to dive into the values of your school and staff and support you to hold the space for your students to do the same. 


My work focuses on an easy to follow structure which is delivered first to the staff of a school and then embedded into the curriculum for students:

Recognise: All emotions are welcome and explore the many ways to express them. It is not only about verbally expressing these feelings but going deeper and using more than one method to do this.  

Release: Finding the language and other sensory experiences to express these emotions. Giving them a name and then exploring ways to acknowledge and release these to unlock motivation, passion and flow. 

Relearn: How to manage and integrate emotions in an effective way and embed these is to current curriculum models. Not an add on task but one that is part of the everyday structure of your classroom.


Reflect: On success and challenges  when learning is integrated and hand the power back to students through class meetings and circle times.  

Please read about The Unravel Academy Teachers Course HERE.

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