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My Unravelling

Over 6 years ago, my whole world completely unravelled. I had what most would say was the dream life. The house, the marriage and the high flying career and a passport full of stamps. Yet it all came crashing down and completely unravelled. ​

I went on a long and profound journey to the depths of my soul. I explored, studied and received every ‘ology’ under the sun as a way to help me come back to life. I have managed to do that and so much more. 

That is how The Unravel Academy was born...


I now help others find themselves amongst ruin and rebuild what they would love to create. 

I'm here to support individuals to get clear on what it is they need in their lives. I am here to show you how to go out and get it.

Let me guide you.


Whether you have been through;

  • have lost yourself in the chaos of life

  • a deep change in your romantic relationship

  • felt friendships shift and change

  • your health and vitality feels depleted

  • your body is craving release and pain relief 

  • feel unsure about your career

  • struggle with confidence and self esteem

  • want to be guided to help heal trauma

  • seek support to heal your inner child 

  • want to learn meditation and mindfulness tools 

  • feel lonely and crave connection with a community...

​​You have found the right place. I am here to guide and share with you my own journey and would be honoured to help you on yours.

I've been through my own deep journey of unravelling. I know what you're going through. I would love to support you. (insert hyperlink for my unravelling/story)

How can we work together? 

That inner nudge that has been quietly urging you to seek a little more connection has led you here and I am so happy to have you! I see you, I feel you and I am here to guide you back to yourself in a light, loving and authentic way. 


My vision and intention is for this to be a safe haven for those who are unsure where to begin with this process of their own unravelling. 

Life is a journey of discovering who we are. Sometimes we feel lost and unsure after big changes we face in our lives.

This is when guidance is incredibly helpful to helping you return to yourself.

I offer private sessions online (or in person, location dependent) to help you navigate your challenges where I guide, coach and support you as you Unravel whatever it is that is there to be explored


I hold bespoke in person group workshops where we focus on the body, mind and soul in a movement practice to support you in your Unravel journey.



Bespoke Corporate & Education Focussed Unravelling 

In certain circumstances I am also available for school, corporate and small group coaching, mentoring and mindfulness support.  Please email me and we can explore this as an option too. 

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