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I am a teacher, wellbeing and adjustments coach with over 10 years experience around the world. I have experience teaching in Australia, Singapore, East Africa and Europe. I have stepped out of the current, and in my opinion, broken education system to create small groups and one on one programs to guide you and your children to unravel big emotions.


Each child is different, every family is different and therefore my approach and methodology will be unique to the needs of you and your family. I support parents in navigating ways to help their children in moments of overwhelm or worry. I give you the language tools needed to help children explain how they are feeling. When you all have consistent language around emotions, there is no room for confusion, it's clear and easy to work through any emotional moments. There is no more guesswork.


It is from there we can empower your children to self regulate and manage emotions in every facet of their lives. I will give your family a wide range of fun and accessible tools to create change, from drawing, movement, music, speaking and role play to story, writing, journaling and much more. 


There are practical exercises and follow up tasks that families complete after our sessions and then integrate into your day.


My work focuses on this easy to follow structure:

Recognise: All emotions are welcome

Release: Finding the language to express these emotions

Relearn: How to manage and integrate emotions

Reflect: On success when learning is integrated

Above all I make this work fun for both big humans and little humans.

I also offer The Unravel Academy Parent Course designed to introduce you and your family to The Unravel Academy method. Check it out HERE.


Let the experts explain who I am and what I do;

“Miss P is the feelings teacher, she helps us talk about all of our feelings”

“Miss P says that it is ok to feel angry and that this is normal. Happy is good, actually all feelings are”

“Joanne taught me that there are so many ways that you can show you are angry” 

“Joanne helps me to explain when I'm feeling angry and if I don't have the words, she helps mummy and daddy find out”

“Joanne helped me create a tool box of things to help me when I am feeling sad, angry and frustrated”

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