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I am an Australian born Italian soul who has lived a life learning lessons and collecting stories, experiences, recipes and passport stamps on my journey around the globe.

I had the dream life. The house, the marriage and the high flying career. Yet it all came crashing down and completely unravelled.

I went on a long and profound journey to the depths of my soul. I repaired my health with Ayurvedic medicine, did, and still do, 1:1 Transformational Coaching with my guide and left Australia in the middle of a pandemic to find true love.


That is how The Unravel Academy was born...


I now help others find themselves amongst ruin and rebuild what they would love to create.


I'm here to help families find where the blocks are that prevent their kids from shining their brightest.


I'm here to support individuals get clear on what it is they need in their lives. I am here to show you how to go out and get it.

Let me guide you.


"I want to unfold all your layers and unravel all the colours painted on your soul"




  • Bachelor of Education Deakin University; High Distinctions & Major Sequence in health and Wellbeing    

  • International Baccalaureate; Primary Years Program Ongoing Professional Development in curriculum, wellbeing and adjustments

  • Edmund Rice Volunteer Program: Developing English Language Instruction in Tanzania 

  • Zones of Regulation Training and Professional Development 

  • Kimochi Doll Training and Professional Development

  • Permission to Feel; Managing Emotions in Times of Uncertainty and Stress with Professor Marc Brackett; Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.


  • Personal Creative Genius Coaching with Amanda Hunt; Built from The Fire inclusive of 1:1 coaching and community/collaborative coaching

  • Supporting facilitation of William Whitecloud - Create Your Destiny; Natural Success Academy 

  • Shakti Sangha: An inquiry into Vedic and Tantrik Wisdom with Honey Bachan 

  • Divine Feminine unleashing and creating from your goddessence with Elisa Caro   

  • Westside Yoga - Ongoing practice under the guidance of Mark Pheely 

  • Host of Strip it Back Podcast 

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